Hey there. I’m Lukas.

I am earning an M.S. in Human-Centered Design and Engineering from UW and will graduate in June 2021.
I am passionate about using UX Research and Design to produce user-oriented decentralized business solutions in a collaborative team environment.

Portfolio Projects

UX Research, Design, & PM – Blockchain Insurance

UX Research & Design – Misinformation Nudge

International UX Research in Nepal – Blockchain & Climate Change

International Participatory Research, Design, & Build – Landscape Architecture

Contextual Inquiry in Japan – Education

Experimental Behavior Change Design Research – Healthcare

Usability Testing – Telehealth, Medical Education

Customer Experience Strategist & Project Manager – Business Incubator

UX Research, Design Thinking, Prototyping – Early Childhood Education

Let's Connect.

Feel free to reach out, I'm currently looking to join a team who is passionate about improving the lives of the people around them.