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Some things about me

I’m Lukas Sexton. My interdisciplinary education stretches across research, design, business, and engineering, which provides me with a unique perspective when researching and designing people-oriented solutions for contemporary challenges.

For instance, as UI Designer for Everledger, I executed various web or software design stages, starting with wireframes and user flows, collaborating with various stakeholders, and evolving them into mid and hi-fi designs with Figma, resulting in the final production pages being implemented via WordPress or the Everledger platform.

Also, as a UX Researcher in my graduate studies, I helped design, execute, and implement qualitative and quantitative research. For example, I conducted customer development with a family caregiver chatbot application and virtually presented our team’s research to the judges. As a result, we earned a $2,500 NSF grant, which further aided our customer discovery research, and subsequently helped our team become one of twenty recipients of the $50,000 CoMotion Innovation Gap fund.

Trekking Pikey Peak in Nepal with Mt. Everest on the horizon

Who I am

I have a combination of interdisciplinary skill sets across research, design, business, and engineering that provides me with the technical understanding and the ability to communicate the technical elements in a simple, effective manner; translating complex technical concepts and technologies into strategic customer-centric value propositions.

Due to my experiences, I have developed a strong understanding of when and how to apply different research processes and design methods. To illustrate, as a User Interface Designer for Everledger, I executed various web or software design stages. Starting with wireframes and user flows, collaborating with multiple stakeholders, and evolving them into mid and hi-fi designs with Figma, resulting in the final production pages being implemented into the Everledger platform or onto Everledger’s website.

Quantifiable Experiences

8 Years of Studying and Practicing UX Research & Design
7 Years of Food Service and Customer Service
4 Years of 3D Modeling
4 years of learning about Web3 and blockchain use-cases
2 Years of Marketing

Growth Mindset

Outside of school, I have continued to learn with a growth mindset to improve through mentorships, hackathons, online courses, and volunteering. For instance, as a yearlong co-founder of a non-profit volunteer program, I developed keen leadership, oral, and written communication skills delivering timely results, regardless of any ambiguous or financial challenges.

Additionally, I have developed a robust understanding of frontier technologies. I am specifically enthusiastic about the innovations happening in Web3 and blockchain technology.
For example, I have practiced translating this knowledge into problem-solving solutions in an engineering environment by completing over twelve hackathons. After researching, designing, and developing two separate parametric insurance decentralized applications, my team won five awards from two Chainlink hackathon events.

Soft Skills (ranked by proficiency)

1) Ability to suspend judgment, to work with ambiguity
2) Ability to makes connections across complex ideas
3) Ability to support position or viewpoint with argumentation and logic
4) Ability to work productively with difficult people in a high-stress environment
5) Ability to complete project meeting deadlines and follow-through

Lifelong Learner

Graduate Degree (Class of 2021):

M.S. in Human Centered Design and Engineering from the University of Washington

Undergraduate Degree (Class of 2017):

B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies from the Western Washington University

B.A. Minors:

UX Design
Entrepreneurship & Innovation

B.A. Certificates

Web Content Developer
Innovation Engineering
Designing for Social Innovation & Leadership


Property and Casualty Insurance (WA)

My Reputation

Lukas served Everledger Platform customers and product with engaged activities like visual design, Interaction design, the usability of the design, user- application interaction and many more activities that enhanced the user design experience to create top quality services and end products. I recommend Lukas for any startup that needs a thoughtful, driven, humble, and flexible peer to peer team contributor.

Leanne KempCEO and Founder of Everledger

“Lukas brings a considerate approach to user experience design with empathy derived from software development across a range of industries. His ability in Figma, WordPress, CSS, Animation and 3D modelling was integral to product delivery, education and promotion at Everledger. His collaborative and systematic ways of working make him a stalwart team member in pursuit of emerging blockchain, Web3 and NFT applications.”

Eric RobertsonHead of Marketing at Everledger

My Inspiration

For inspiration to help build a better world, I use the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as guidelines for selecting the types of projects I work on. I value researching and designing solutions that compassionately address humanity’s needs through innovative, people-oriented solutions.

SDG #3:
Good Health & Well-Being

Conducted user research on a educational website for caregivers

SDG #8:
Decent Work
& Economic Growth

Helped rent out three retail units under a downtown non-profit program

SDG #3:
Good Health & Well-Being

Conducted design research to learn about face mask-wearing behaviors

SDG #9:
Industry Innovation
& Infrastructure

Collaborated with a Nepalese community to research, design, and develop a road in Nepal

SDG #4:
Quality Education

Conducted contextual inquiries that led to a school opening in Japan

SDG #13:
Climate Action

Researched blockchain solutions to help businesses adapt to climate change, then designed a decentralized parametric insurance application for maritime shippers.

Lessons learned from prior projects

Discover how I grew from unanticipated complications.


If you have any questions about my published work, please do not hesitate to contact me by email.

Blockchain Technical Writing
Sexton, L., Ramírez, L., Robinson, M., & S, A. (2021). Build a Marine Insurance Smart Contract With Chainlink
Publication and Presentation
Sexton, L., Buchanan, A., & Yancey, S. (2019, January 11). Helping Children Emotionally Develop: A Design Thinking Case Study About Creating A Tool To Assist Parents In Their Child’s Emotional Well-Being. Var City UW, 1(1).
Conference Paper
Peaslee, M., Sexton, L., Reed, E., & Nelson, J. (2020, July). Effect of Air Quality Alerts on Intended Behavior Change. Paper presented at the 11th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (AHFE 2020), San Diego, California.

Let's Connect.

Feel free to reach out, I'm currently looking to join a team who is passionate about improving the lives of the people around them.